Translated by Google Translate   Dale Bandy is an American singer, guitarist, songwriter, bandleader and producer from Orlando, Florida. Although he has been in the music business for over forty years, he is still unknown to me and I am afraid of many of our readers and music lovers. After some research I find out that Dale Bandy has played in several bands before he ended up at Big Shirley. Big Shirley was a big band with eleven regular musicians plus a number of musicians who came and disappeared. After the band decorated a contract with Kingsnake Records, Dale Bandy left the band. He founded a new big band, under the name Custom Deluxe. This band only had a short life, because after a few gigs it was already done. From that moment Dale started a career as a technician within the entertainment business. In the meantime he kept writing music and dreaming of his own band, but because he had a busy schedule and he wanted to control everything himself, that did not work out too well. Thanks to modern techniques Dale continued to work on his own music and that led to his debut album 'Blue', which appeared on nineteen October of this year. There are nine songs on the album, five of which were written by Dale Bandy. Dale has also played almost all instruments for this album. The exceptions are bassist Gary Thompson who played the bass guitar on seven songs. Pianist John Savage and the wind players Joe Bolero and Goran Eric, are each on one song of the party. Dale Bandy also took on the job of mixer, recording engineer, producer and designer.     The first three songs from the album 'Blue' was written by Dale himself. It starts with the raw, funky-tinted 'My Bad Reputation', in which Dale Bandy sings about the encounter with the love of his life. The song has a lovely groove, thanks to the delicious bass line by Gary Thompson. The keyboards are explicitly present and Dale sings the song with great conviction. With a raw, razor-sharp solo on the guitar, Bandy is immediately very fierce. 'My Bad Reputation' is a handsome and exciting opener. Dale looks back on the mistakes he made in the past in the repentant ballad 'If I Could Only Take It Back'. With a soulful voice he shows regret for his sharp tongue to the one he loved and apologizes. The sensitive work on the guitar and the keys reinforces the repentant atmosphere even more. Dale Bandy also knows that he is very happy that the person he hurt has accepted this song as an apology. 'Get It On' is a lazy blues shuffle, in which Dale describes the heights and lows of a long-term relationship. Many of the listeners will recognize themselves in this story. The melodic snare solo and the fresh and playful piano work that weaves through the entire track create the instrumental delights. Trombone player Goran Eric does not make his appearance until the end and he also makes a very nice outro on his wind instrument. The first cover on the album is the classic 'Big Legged Woman', written by James Williams and made memorable by Freddie King. Here the multi-instrumentalist Dale Bandy plays the funky bass lines with bravado and his scorching keyboards on the keyboard can also delight. Joe Bolero blows the number one extra injection, with two very handsome solos on the tenor saxophone.     Writing a song is a matter of course, because Dale even wrote about 'Country Star' in his dream. In his dream, Dale told his musicians in a studio in Nashville how he wanted the next song to be played. The moment he was counting down to start, he woke up. He immediately ran to the studio in his house to record the number. It can be that simple sometimes. The excellent piano solo in 'Country Star' comes from John Savage. In 1951 Roy Hawkins reached the sixth place in the American rhythm & blues hit list with 'The Thrill Is Gone'. BB King covered the song on his album 'Completely Well' in 1969 and it became the first single of that album. BB King scored a monster hit with it. Dale Bandy, who claims that he had already finished this cover for BB King and that it feels like this version had to be released now, has added a bit of funk to his version. It is mainly enjoying the excellent strings and keyboards of Dale Bandy in this excellent 'The Thrill Is Gone'. We hear a slightly wilder and exuberant Dale in the powerful blues rocker 'Comin' Down 'and that is not surprising, as Bandy wrote this song twenty-five years ago. This is the fifth and last original Dale Bandy song on this album and this text is also inspired by the events that influenced the life of this musician. Although 'Comin' Down 'was written twenty-five years ago, there is no wear on the song and it still feels very modern. The relaxed 'I'm On Your Side' was written by Kevin Moore, who knows the music lovers better under his stage name Keb 'Mo'. The reason why this song is on the album, according to Dale Bandy, is that the text of this song was able to say something that he himself could not say. Dale Bandy closes his debut album as a troubadour. With only the acoustic guitar as accompaniment he sings 'Trouble In Mind', a song written by jazz pianist Richard M. Jones. In the original, the accompaniment consisted of the piano and trumpet. Dale's version with the guitar sounds much more modern, smoother and fresher. 'Blue', the first album by Dale Bandy is a pleasant, but very short album. (7.5 / 10)” - Walter Vanheuckelom

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Translated by Google Translate Martin van der veldeDale Bandy, to be honest never heard of. On the World Wide Web, just look for something more info about the musician. There, too, you will not be much wiser about the man. Okay he is from Orlando, Florida, has been in the entertainment industry for more than forty years, played in the band Big Shirley but when a contract was signed with Kingsnake Records from Bob Greenlee he decided to set up the big band Custom Deluxe , but in spite of a radio performance for WUCF, this occurred only sporadically. Ultimately, a career on the other side of the stage curtain turns out to be more lucrative, and so Dale Bandy works for many years as a technician within the entertainment business. With the writing of his own music he started at a young age and gradually Dale finds out that he prefers to keep everything in his own hands. Collaborating with others costs him trouble and it is therefore obvious to try it as a soloist. The 'Blue' which has just been published has largely been played on itself. Only for the bass parts, he approached Gary Thompson and Joe Bolero and John Savage were prepared to play a saxophone solo on Big Legged Woman and a piano solo on Country Star respectively. All the other instruments have been played by Dale Bandy and he has kept the production, engineering work and programming in his own hands.And then the music, Dale kicks off with My Bad Reputation, a groovy piece with a funky undertone that sounds like a clock. Beautiful bass lines adorn the slow If I Could Only Take It Back. In the lousy shuffle Get It On a solo trombone has been added to the recording via audio box. On the Big Legged Woman, written by James Williams but announced by Freddie King, Dale even takes care of the accompaniment instruments and so the man turns out to be extremely funky on the bass guitar, only for the saxophone solo he gets support from Joe Bolero. The following Country Star sounds slightly poppy with another funky undertone. John Savage provides a bit of a short piano solo. Roy Hawkins Rick Darnell are the songwriters of one of BB Kings crown jewels The Thrill Is Gone, who gets a nice light-footed funky performance here. The recordings of this track have already taken place before the death of B.B. King and Dale say "It's almost as if it should be released now". Then Comin 'Down sounds a lot firmer. Dale wrote this rocker about twenty-five years ago and is now finally available on CD.I'm On Your Side, a cover by Kevin Moore, better known by us under the name Keb Mo is also here full of conviction, always a wonderful song. Dale Bandy concludes this album with the smoothly played shuffle Trouble In Mind (Richard Marigny Jones) on which he only accompanies himself on electric guitar. With a playing time of about thirty minutes, the album is passed by in no time.I have pressed the repeat button again and find out that 'Blue' actually gives me more pleasure after every game. In short, a great blues debut from this soloist who wants to keep as many things as possible in his own hands and has taken 40 years to do so.” - Martin van der velde

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BLUE. Dale Bandy (BMI/ Elastic Penguin) ****+ It’s the solo debut for this veteran bluesman. The singer/ guitarist/ songwriter/ band leader/ producer steps out on his own and wouldn’t you know it, he has plenty to say. Dale Bandy handles many blues styles easily as he moves effortlessly from traditional to 50’s style, to blues rock, to contemporary blues with a sort of jazz acumen. Blue is a roughly even mix of original songs and sweet cover tunes. Country Star, with it’s hella-cool walking bass line, was written in a dream, set in a Nashville recording studio with Dale directing and teaching the band the song. When he awoke, he knew he had to take the song into the studio and record it straight away. As for the blues standard he tackles here, I think blues fans in general will appreciate the authority and respect he brings to songs like Big Legged Woman and The Thrill is Gone. The disc was recorded and mixed by Bandy in Orlando, Florida, and props must be given to his band for their sympathetic and wonderfully nuanced (and rockin’) performance throughout. As a singer, Bandy sounds like David Gogo but that’s cool- I like Gogo. Bandy’s guitar playing is mesmerizing- as you listen to his style and the way he constructs a solo, you’ll be right inside the song with him and along for the ride. As your average blues album goes, Blue is a pretty chill listening experience, and that suits me just fine. I think I’ll roll through this one more time before bed. KEY CUTS: Country Star, My Bad Reputation, The Thrill Is Gone” - The Rock Doctor


Translated by Google Translate Blue is Dale Bandy's first solo album. The "Chameleon of the Blues", as he likes to say, chose nine of the thirty songs he recorded to give us a taste of what will follow. Energetic and honest, this album opens with a simple and effective funky bass line ('My Bad Reputation'). The musicians have a sense of groove, supported by the organ and the clear and confident voice of Dale. The second song, 'If I Could Just Take It Back', more expressive, expresses the regrets that we can feel when we hurt our loved ones. The guitar is atmospheric and the bass, still present, resonates like a heartbeat while the guitar launches his solo. The hottest 'Big Legged Woman' starts on a playful drums and a guitar solo. The saxophone and the organ give the replica on another rhythm with the catchy groove. Dale chose to include in this disc a rather personal cover of the classic 'The Thrill Is Gone'. The rhythm section brings this almost omnipresent funky touch to the CD, which seems to be peculiar to the formation, while the organ supports ghostly layers. The last track of the album is closer to the blues roots and the rhythmic emblematic of the genre; Dale is recording alone with his electric guitar and his voice. For his first recording under his name, Dale Bandy has chosen to show us some facet of his music and we can not wait to discover the next. ” - Marion Braun

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Translated by Google Translate   For me a completely new name, that of this Dale Bandy. When searching in the internet, it appears that the good man already has about forty years of musical experience at his disposal. Both as a musician and as a composer and producer. He is from Orlando, Florida and has built a solid reputation there. Musically he switches easily between traditional blues and blues rock and manages everything that is in between. With a forty-year career, it is striking that he has never released his own record. Until now, because recently his debut CD "blue." Has been released. Of the nine numbers five have been written by Bandy himself. He largely takes care of all instruments. He sings and plays guitar, bass, organ and has programmed the drums. Bassist Gary Thompson is present on seven tracks. Joe Bolero and Goran Eric each take care of the saxophone on a song. He switches back and forth in the nine songs from traditional to fifties blues with small trips to swinging rock 'n roll and blues rock. The album starts with the funky "My Bad Reputation", in which he describes how he once tried to decorate a woman as a much younger man. In "If I Could Only Take It Back" he looks back at the mistakes he has made in life. And in "Get It On" he sings the highs and lows of a relationship. Musically it's all right and also in terms of text it's great. The four covers, namely the B.B. King known "The Thrill Is Gone" (Hawkins / Darnell) and "I'm On Your Side" (Keb 'Mo') fit perfectly between their own songs. I do have a point of criticism. The CD is too short with 30 minutes. I would have liked a few more songs from me. Great plate.” - Eric Campfens

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Dale Bandy says it as it is… Blue Dale Bandy is a new name tome and in depth information isn’t easily found. All I know is that he is from Orlando, Florida and he’s been in the entertainment industry for more than forty years. A lot of that time was behind the scenes as a technician, althoughhe played in the bands Big Shirley and Custom Deluxe…no, me neither. Something must have changed however as, with the release of his first solo album, simply entitled Blue, he has certainly taken the proverbial bull by the horns and decided that he would write, record, produce and engineer nearly all of it himself. A couple of guys helped on bass and saxophone and there are fourcovers, but elsewhere it is all Dale. (If you live in the good old US of A, you can catch Dale performing live under the Dale Bandy and the Blues Cans moniker).The album is released on the wonderfully named Elastic Penguin label that is probably his as well! It kicks off in funky style with My Bad Reputation and its almost metronomic back line. Warming keyboards help add to the depth as the vocal cuts in with a sort of Walter Trout feel to the timbre. It gets the toes tapping and the solo is high quality as it mixes chords and single picking with a further Troutish feel. If I Could Only Take It Back is a little slower and the bass lines are simply brilliant as it wraps itself around the hi-hat and keys. The mood is a subtle blues with ahint of soul in the vocals. Another worthy guitar solo with clever hesitant picking and a mild discord work well together fleshes the song out. Next up is a mid-paced shuffle as Get It On (not that one!) opens with SRV style chords and echoes of the South are redolent throughout. There is a trombone solo which apparently is courtesy of some gizmo called an ‘audiobox’ which must be computer driven…said the tech-savvy reviewer! It works though as the sleaze pours out with its tone. Big Legged Woman was written by James Williams but best known via the Freddie King version. Here Dale gives a lively interpretation as his guitar punctuates in a way thatFreddie, I think would approve of. The sax solos don’t overstay their welcome and do add colour. Country Star is up next with its pop sensibilities over another funky bass line. The piano solo, albeit a short one, is a welcome addition. Roy Hawkins and Rick Darnell wrote the BB King classic, The Thrill Is Gone, and it gets a neat work over here as Dale injects some funky guitar on the intro before the phrasing reflects the original. The vocal, with a touch of phasing on it, actually distinguishes it from and yet pays tribute to the great man. The guitar solo manages to sound not like BB but still has some of his trademark inflections in the playing. Comin’ Down apparently started life about twenty-five years ago and is a fine piece of mid-paced blues-rock with a kind of Marsden feel to the composition and playing…in other words, a studied and intricate piece of true blues. I’m On Your Side, written by Kevin Moore, better known as Keb Mo, is smooth and silky blues with a warm tone to everything: particularly the bass as it travels the scales so neatly. The guitar solo is perfectly paced and executed. The final track, Trouble In Mind was written by Richard Marigny Jones who is known as a formidable jazz pianist and yet here, Dale takes this song and interprets it with voice guitar only…an approach I applaud because it has worked very well indeed. The backing and the solo is picked and strummed with a deft touch which actually improves on the original in my guitarist’s mind. So, in a little over thirty minutes, we learn quite a bit about Dale’s abilities and his interpretation of our beloved genre. It is a very entertaining album without a duff track on it…the covers are good enough to stand up against the originals and his four covers compositions tend one to think, where have you been Dale? OK, it has no unique or revolutionary traits but it is a solid blues album and I, for one, hope he although he yet. EIGHTdoodle paws out of TEN …” - Tom Dixon

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Dale Bandy is an inspired artist with more than 40 years of experience. He wears many hats, including lead vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, bandleader and producer. Based in Orlando, Florida, Bandy can be characterized as a chameleon of the blues as he moves effortlessly between traditional blues, ’50s style blues, blues-rock, and his own unique take on contemporary blues. “blue.” is Bandy’s debut album as a solo artist. Inspired by real-life events and scheduled for release on October 19, its emotional content is self-evident. We’ve all had moments where we’ve gone too far and hurt the ones we love, a sentiment embodied musically in Bandy’s song “lf l Could Only Take it Back.” “My Bad Reputation” describes courting a woman as a much younger man, while “Get It On” paints a picture of the ebb and flow of love on any given evening at home, a subject anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship can relate to. “Country Star” was written in a dream set in a Nashville recording studio in which Dale was directing and teaching the band the song. As he counted off the band, he woke and ran to his studio to record the song. Taken as a whole, “blue.” is the embodiment of Bandy’s depth of musical understanding and offers a glimpse into future releases by this multifaceted artist.” - Jan van Eck

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DALE BANDY BLUE. ELASTIC PENGUIN   1929 1444 0420 MY BAD REPUTATION–IF I COULD ONLY TAKE IT BACK–GET IT ON–BIG LEGGED WOMAN–COUNTRY STAR–THE THRILL IS GONE–COMIN’ DOWN–I’M ON YOUR SIDE–TROUBLE IN MIND Dale Bandy’s “Blue.” is his debut release, and one might best characterize his style as one that swings effortlessly from 50’s-inspired rockin’ blues, to his unique takes on the current state of contemporary blues.  He crafts songs that deal with the ups and downs of everyday life, and how we cope within relationships.  Throughout, Dale is on vocals, guitar, keys, and the drum program, and shares bass duty with Gary Thompson on two cuts.  The horn section of Joe Bolero and Goran Eric appear on two cuts to round out the ensemble. The set begins with layered, ultra-cool echo-effect vocals as our hero bemoans “My Bad Reputation” as well as “the public condemnation all across this town” that his lover has to endure.  Dale digs deep down into a soulful groove for a song to which we can all relate, after opening mouth and inserting foot one time too many, “If I Could Only Take It Back.” punctuated by sweet keys-and-guitar interplay.  He goes off on a humorous, amped-up tangent on “I want to be a Country Star,” and “hang with Bocephus and Willie, too!” Dale’s covers are unique and well-played, too.  You gotta love his funky, down-home take on Freddie King’s “Big Legged Woman, in that short short miniskirt,” and a brilliant organ and guitar duel that fires up “The Thrill Is Gone,” which served as our favorite.  He closes the set in a unique manner, too. With only his vocal and guitar, Dale gives a performance of the traditional “Trouble In Mind” in the vein of a true Fifties’ troubadour! Dale Bandy is hittin’ on all 8 on “Blue.”  He’s a well-rounded songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer, and his songs ring with personal experiences, mixed with his own takes on contemporary blues.  Two big thumbs up!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow.” - Don And Sheryl Crow

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ALBUM RELEASE ALERT   Friday, October 19, 2018, Blues Artist Dale Bandy releases his new album "BLUE" to the delight of many a blues fan.   Dale Bandy has been a longtime guitarist on the scene in Central Florida for many years and seems to have finally found himself again, or just reawakened his inner-bluesman that was deep down... always there.   I first met Dale in the late '90s when he was in a supreme funk band called "Big Shirley" and they dominated the scene. I remember many shows at "The Social" downtown Orlando when the line was around the block and jam packed inside...Dale was a big reason for that.   Dale has written some great blues based songs on this effort with his band, The Blue Cans. One of my favorites is the song "If I Could Only Take It Back." When I first heard it and was expecting a deviation off a 12-bar blues structure, it wasn't that at all. It was an expansion of the blues and to me personally, that's really the goal of every artist: to expand beyond their influences and take us along on the expansion.   When I caught Dale Bandy live with The Blue Cans at a Copper Rocket Show several months ago, I was impressed with how authentic and real Dale's performance was. No longer "just" the guitar player, he was singing his songs and it was what I look for in any performer - I believed it! You know what I mean. Sometimes you can tell that an Artist, while talented, doesn't believe in their own performance. With Dale Bandy, not only do you believe it, you know it.   For More Information About Dale Bandy & The Blue Cans, Social Links, and How To Get The Album "Blue." Just Click ” - Rick Baker

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Translated by Google Translate   He has drummed his instruments on the American blues scene for four decades and has been a singer, guitarist, songwriter, group leader or producer in registers as diverse as the blues of the fifties, blues rock or contemporary blues, that is to say if the one who is nicknamed the "Chameleon of Blues" can boast of having at least as many strings to his bow as he has to his guitars. Everything comes to those who wait and after a career so long and provided, Dale Bandy finally decided to record his first solo album, a book he simply chose to call "Blues. "And in which he wanted to set apart almost equal his own compositions but also some prestigious occasions. Imagined from slices of real life, the five original pieces leave the blues settle in a very beautiful way and "My Bad Reputation", "If I Could Only Take It Back" and "Get It On" to "Country Star "or" Comin 'Down ", the artist who holds all the instruments besides the basses entrusted to Gary Thompson, the tenor saxophone to Joe Bolero and the trombone to Goran Eric will make us penetrate into a world that belongs to him but that he is ready to share with those who are able to stop for a moment. We will also go through some classics like "Big Legged Woman", "The Thrill Is Gone" and "Trouble In Mind" but also the subtle and groovy "I'm On Your Side" borrowed from Keb 'Mo', the meeting of all beautiful things giving a good album of blues in the broadest sense of the term, a work that does not close in a well-defined style but that strives instead to expand, to vary the pleasures ... The only small criticism that the One could do it is probably the duration a little short, a half-hour, while one would have taken the double. It remains to be hoped that the sequel does not take forty years more to arrive!” - Fred Delforge

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