DALE BANDY'S DEBUT SOLO RELEASE Is now available. - Produced and Engineered by Dale Bandy


It has been a long journey to release the album “blue”.  It’s a long story that we can get into later, but first, let’s talk about “blue”.

Almost everything on this album has been done by Dale Bandy.  Gary Thompson was kind enough to lend his unique approach to blending the rhythm to the melody through the bass on all tracks except "Big Legged Woman" Thanks to Gary, as he has helped breathe new life into this project.  Also, Joe Bolero played a fantastic Tenor Sax solo on “Big Legged Woman”. a Piano solo was performed by John Savage on "Country Star".  Also, a trombone solo was added by bigaudiobox  on "Get It On".

 I have played or programmed all other aspects of this album.  I have also acted as engineer and producer.  It has been a tough road to hoe, but I hope you agree that it has been well worth the effort.

The music has been inspired by life events that have affected many areas of my life.  “Comin’ Down” was a song I wrote  over 25 years ago. It has finally founds it’s place for release.  Written by a younger, and rather colorful artist.  the song is simple yet powerful.  We’ve all had moments when we know we have gone too far.  This sentiment is embodied in “If I Could Only Take It Back”.  In this instance, I knew my sharp tongue had hurt the one I loved. I couldn’t sleep as this song poured out from within.  Luckily, this song was accepted as my apology.  “My Bad Reputation” is a hyped up version of meeting the love of my life.  “Get it On” is a current day song that should hit home with anyone who has been in a long term relationship. The song “Country Star” came to me in a dream.  During the dream, I was in a large studio giving direction to the band.  Suddenly, I awoke.  Luckily I was in my home studio and had the opportunity to record the rough version almost immediately.  I couldn’t help but put a couple of covers on this album.  I’m On Your Side” by Keb’ Mo’ was able to say something that I wasn’t able to say.  I began recording “The Thrill is Gone”  before B.B. passed.  It’s almost as if it must be released now.

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